Numbers, Prices, Dates & Time

In this chapter, we cover an important topic in everyday life; numbers prices and dates. You will be introduced to basic numbers and how to ask questions related to numbers. It is also important that you understand how bigger numbers are said since they are frequently used in Indonesian prices. Moving on, date, day, month and year will also be covered in this topic. Be intrigue by the subtle similarity between Bahasa Indonesia and English in the months of the year. Finally, you will learn to tell the time in Bahasa Indonesia.
Chapter Includes:

Basic Numbers

Learn the basic numbers in Bahasa Indonesia

Bigger numbers & Prices

Learn how to say bigger numbers, especially for prices

Date, Day, Month & Year

Learn about dates, days, weeks, months and years.


Learn to tell the time in Bahasa Indonesia

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Chapter 1


When we learn a new language, pronunciation is the key as it determines how effective we are able to articulate with the natives. With a good grasp of how to pronounce the words in Bahasa Indonesia we have also achieve the first milestone towards proficiency.In this chapter, we will learn about all the Indonesian letters and their pronunciation. We’ll have sections on vowels, consonants, joint consonants and joint vowels. Each section will have videos and slides that will explain the letters and how they apply to words.After the explanation, you will get to do some activities that will help you to understand and remember what you’ve learned. Lastly, we’ll also learn how to pronounce names as well as long and more complicated words.

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Chapter 2

Greetings & Self-Introduction

The chapter on Greetings & Self-Introduction is a great way to start learning the Indonesian language. Everyday and everywhere we go, we encounter countless opportunities to ask about others and share about ourselves. Having that in mind our, curriculum developers developed this chapter with the objective of introducing to you and drilling in the high frequency words that you will need to use on a daily basis. Whether if you are learning Bahasa Indonesia to speak with family and friends, or for business and work purposes or for leisure and travel purposes this chapter will definitely come in handy.

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Chapter 3

About Myself & Basic Interactions

In this chapter, we will learn how to describe more about ourselves, ask and reply questions related to our origin, nationality and where we live. This chapter will cover important grammar functions that will allow us to ask and negate nouns, verbs and adjectives. We will also learn the frequently used vocabularies for basic actions and activities.

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Chapter 4

Daily Activities

In this chapter on Daily Activities, we will delve deeper into the methods of asking everyday questions in Bahasa Indonesia. You will also be introduced to Indonesian tenses and adverbs of frequency, degree and opposites and how to use them. Also you will learn to address people with some basic conversational words that will come in handy during daily conversations.

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