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Learn Bahasa Indonesia at BingoIndo

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BingoIndo™ courses are Effective, Interactive and Fun!

We look forward to having you learning Bahasa Indonesia with us. Our goal at BingoIndo is to always deliver superior course content and enhance the overall learning experience for our learners. 

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Learn Bahasa Indonesia at BingoIndo

How do I start learning Bahasa Indonesia?


I do not have any knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. Is this course suitable for me?

Yes! That makes you the perfect candidate for our course. If you are a native English speaker or are familiar with English as the language of instruction, this would be the perfect place to start learning Bahasa Indonesia. Our Online Bahasa Indonesia Beginner Conversational course covers the basics of the language. For a start you will learn Pronunciation in Bahasa Indonesia and simple Greetings & Self-Introduction. You can start the course right now! Simply, subscribe here and you are good to go.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia at BingoIndo

About BingoIndo

We are experts in teaching Bahasa Indonesia to English learners

BingoIndo™ is a specially curated Online Bahasa Indonesia programme for adult language learners. We have developed our in-house curriculum to compliment all learners in their quest in mastering the language. Our Bahasa Indonesia Beginner Conversational Course is the first step for anyone determined to succeed in this learning journey. This step emphasizes on the importance of building a strong, solid and structured foundation in Bahasa Indonesia. As you progress you will then be able to enjoy and immerse in the beauty of the Indonesian language.

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